"...we are breaking aviation boundaries..."

~ Tony Thompson, Co-Founder

We spent decades building satellites, operating a fleet of aircraft, working on aircraft safety procedures, and scouting the world for aviation technology to bring you new aviation experiences. We are breaking aviation boundaries for you!

We invite you to fly into the future of aviation together.

Flying was invented so that we, humans, can move faster and explore more. We want to give you your wings back. We want to give you the ability to explore more incredible destinations and have fun doing it, while our team works on 'greening' aviation at the same time. We are so excited to take you into the next, 3rd Golden Age of Aviation!

Our team

Our team has dozens of years of aviation experience and 15,000+ flight hours. We have successfully launched and ran global sustainable brands, led an aviation fleet, tech companies, and more. Our passion is changing the world. We know that changing the world takes time. We are here to take small steps NOW because small steps over time will have a global impact.

Tony Thompson

Co-Founder & CEO

Tony is our CEO and an MIT graduate in aeronautical engineering and physics. He also holds a joint JD/MBA from UCLA and worked on Wall Street as a General Counsel to VC-backed tech companies.

Kate Fish

Director of Sales & Marketing

Kate is responsible for all of our customer facing activities. She is a graduate of the University of San Francisco and holds BS in Finance. Prior to Air Cahana, she worked in corporate hospitality finance.  She has also built her own global sustainable beauty business.

Thom Deason

Chief Pilot

Thom has over 5,000 commercial flight hours and holds an ATP certification. He is a Professor of Aviation at a Glendale Community College and an FAA-Certified Mechanic. Thom has a BS in Aviation Technology from Le Tourneau University.

Lindsay Austin

Board Member, Investor

Lindsay founded Pavilion Integration Corp. He enjoyed a 35+ year career in Lasers & Optics working at Chromatix, Spectra Physics, Coherent, and JDSU. He graduated with a BS & MS in Aeronautics & Astronautics from the University of Washington.

James Hopkins

Chairman of the Board & Principal Investor

Jim spent 35 years in the photonics industry. He founded, invested in, and led multiple photonics technology businesses to successful exits. Jim holds a BS degree in Economics from Santa Clara University.

Our pillars


Safety is our middle name. We have implemented an FAA-optional ARGUS Gold safety program.


We fly you using the highest concentration of sustainable aviation fuel available and plan to transition to Hydrogen in 2026.


No TSA, super-fast boarding. Why spend 2-3 hours just trying to get to your flight? In that time, we’ll have you at your destination.


We pioneer diverse pilot corps and compensate our people with a true living wage.


Innovative and luxurious cabin design, low emission travel, and other new aviation services.


We offer lots of leg room, comfortable seating and premium in-flight programming.

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